How to Transfer Firefox Profile [Bookmarks, Passwords, History, Add-ons] to New Computer

Bought a new computer? You may need to transfer the program data on the old computer to the new computer. However, Firefox, as a popular browser in the world, has a very large number of users, so many people wants to know how to transfer the Firefox browser profile file (including bookmarks, history, passwords and add-ons) on the old computer to the new computer. Of course, there are many ways to accomplish this task. If you have a Firefox account, then just log in with this account on the new computer, and then synchronize to import the profile data on the old computer. If not, you can also copy the profile file to the new computer and import it. Let’s take a look at how to transfer the Firefox profile file to the new computer.

Why do we need to copy the Firefox profile file to the new computer?

In fact, for most ordinary users, you don’t need to do this, because you can install Firefox browser on the new computer and use it directly, but more often, when we use Firefox browser for a long time, we keep a lot of bookmarks, history, passwords and add-ons on our computer. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time to reset or get these data, that would be wise to directly transfer the Firefox profile file from the old computer to the new computer.

How to move Firefox profile files to a new computer

Find the profile file of Firefox browser on the old computer

1. Close the Firefox browser on the old computer.

2. Click the Start menu button, then we search for %appdata%, after we find this folder, click Enter

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3. Find the Mozilla folder in this folder. The folder contains all the profile files of Firefox, and then copy this folder

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4. Copy the folder to USB Flash drive, or you can transfer it to another computer through network sharing

5. We install Firefox browser on the new computer. You can download directly from the official website

6. Connect the USB storage device on the new computer, and paste the Mozilla folder into the AppData folder on the new computer. Please note that if there is already a Mozilla folder in this location, we can directly overwrite it.

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Configure Firefox on the new computer

We have copied the Firefox profile file on the old computer to the new computer, but we still need to set up Firefox to import the profile file.

1. Open the search box of windows system, then type firefox.exe -p, then click Enter

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2. This brings us to the window for selecting user profiles in Firefox. There are three options here: create profile, rename profile, and delete profile.

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3. We choose to create a profile, and a new Create Profile Wizard window will appear. Here we need to enter the name of the new profile, then we click Choose Folder,

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then find the folder where our default profile is located, and finally carry out.


4. In normal situation, we can start Firefox browser, and you will find that all profile files have been successfully imported

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